The Four Deformance Art Characters

Five Minute Video Clips From 5 Deformances

"Learning 2 Tie" Deformance Video

About Liz Gibson

Liz Gibson is a "Deformance Artist", and teacher presenting her themes about deformity, adversity, and empowerment in art galleries, public schools, colleges and museums.

She is one of eight artists selected for the 2014 Florida Individual Artist Fellowship.

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This is from the deformance of "The Luck of the Draw and Other Tales of Unnatural Selection" at the Indigo Sky Community Gallery in Savannah, Georgia. October 2013

"Maquis Sha De's Hypnotic Stun Gun Orchestra" deformed at the Jacksonville Landing main stage for the One Spark Festival in April, 2013. CLICK HERE FOR MORE PICTURES

Liz Gibson on "First Coast Living" talking about her life and art. November 2012

Liz Gibson on the cover of Folio Weekly, April 2011

Liz Gibson performing at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Jacksonville, July 2011

June 2012 installation with hand-prints and video. MetaCusp Studios, Jacksonville.

Folio Weekly, November 2012

"Let Them Eat Cake", 5 hour performance, CoRK Studios, Jacksonville, Florida, 2012

The 3 Legged Fox chalking hand tracings on the pavement at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, 2011

Liz Gibson designed billboard for "Embracing Our Differences", Sarasota, Florida, Spring 2012

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